Vitamin B12 – Creative Delivery

I’m here with another shameless plug for a product I’ve been enjoying lately.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in the process of quitting smoking.  I’m passed the main hump but every once in a while I miss the act of smoking rather than the nicotine.  This lead me to start digging around for some nicotine alternatives to smoking that I wouldn’t feel tempted to use 24/7 (To avoid creating a new habit)

This has lead me to explore some options outside of the norm and I landed on a product I now really enjoy,  Vitamin Vape.

Vitamin Vape
(use link for a 25% discount)

Vitamin Vape is a B12 delivery system and its also vegan which is a plus.  I’ve had problems getting enough B vitamins in the past to the point of needing injections but after some reading, I leaned absorption through the lungs is incredibly efficient.  It essentially gives me a bit of an energy boost that doesn’t mess with me in the same way caffeine does.  I can’t have caffeine after noon because it messes with my sleep, but I’m always tired at work around 2:30 pm or so.  This certainly perks me up.  It is a little pricey, but with the provided link, you will receive a pretty decent discount to try on your own.

This sat in my shopping cart for ages because of the price but I am happy now that I finally bit the bullet and bought the three pack. I use it more often than I remember to take pills or sublinguals. It also itches my smoking scratch which is an added bonus.


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