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There’s the Door

I found this door earlier in the month and noted,
“Sometimes, you find a door in an unexpected place”
in my journal.

When I look at this picture, I think… Things are more complicated than that… Sometimes the door is in a very expected place, you just aren’t paying attention.  Sometimes the door is so “right there,” you smack yourself in the face with it.

Sometimes, like with this door, you see it from a mile away but because it wasn’t where you expected there to be a door, you cautiously approach. You consider crossing the street to avoid the door due to some unexplained anxiety. You get so distracted by the door that the door is literally all you can think about.

I know, in actuality, that this door is just a piece of free trash left outside to rot in the rain.  It got me thinking about all of the opportunities someone might miss out on because of the fear of an unexpected/expected door.

So many doors I’ve left unopened in my life…  I didn’t even check if some were locked or not, I just quickly side stepped around them, content with what was on THIS side of the door.

I’m no longer content with this side of the door.